Month: August 2017

Never Enough Time? Read This.

Never Enough Time? Read This.

If you never have enough time to complete important tasks, you need to check these tips.

Time Waits For No One Including You
Checking Your Watch Frantically Every Other Minute Will Not Help If You Don’t Make Some Changes.

As a child I often heard the phrase  “time is money” but I’ve grown to realize time is more than money: time is life.

I say this because time is one resource you can never get back. Why do you think man has been so fascinated with the idea of time machines and time travel over the years? Just try to take count of the number of Hollywood movies with time travel as the theme and you would get a better picture of what I mean.

My years in the corporate environment working with different gender, races and age of personnel taught me that people would be very glad to come to work and spend all day doing absolutely nothing.  They were not particularly bothered about company profit or personal productivity. The only thing that produced any result like a kick in the behind was discipline and other productivity tools like annual appraisals and so on.

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